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We have been sailing around the world on Kailani since Sophia was 4 years old, and have homeschooled her for all of these years.  She is an avid reader with a huge imagination ... the time has come to share some of her musings on our website pages.  Now she is almost 10, and her view of the world is colored by the many places we have visited, the amazingly rich cultural perspectives she has collected, and the very far away places her books and imagination take her.  We have just decided to start this page, and more content will come!

"Now the ocean was without a ripple, navy blue, shiny, deep, and glimmering with reflected sunlight." - 12/9/17

"This is a boat, curving, thin, and as fast as a racehorse.  Sailing and motoring, it speeds towards its destination like a bear to honey.  Sleek and white, it has the beauty of a curving ocean wave and the power of a tsunami, speeding through the water.  Over the decks the sails billow out and the ocean waves break.  It soars over a wave, this beautiful boat - and the ocean splashes it." - 10/1/17