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Our 2019 cruising season starts with us at the bottom of the Caribbean, having aborted much of our 2018 sailing season due to boat part failures that were insurmountable in time to get north of 20N for hurricane season.  So with a long list of major repairs, we left Kailani on the hard in Grenada, while we spent the balance of 2018 back in the US.  By the time we start sailing her again it will have been 11 months since aboard!  And we sure do miss the sailing life. 

We plan to pick up where we left off - spend a month or so cruising in the Grenadines, then we will likely head north to St Lucia, sail up to Bermuda and then finally make landfall back in the US somewhere in New England by early summer.  We plan to cruise north as far as Nova Scotia before heading back south to warmer climes with Kailani for the winter.  We look forward to many visits with family and friends all along the eastern seaboard!

This year we hope to spend some of the northern hemisphere summer doing more land travel in the US and in the west, balanced out by some sailing destinations on the east coast.  However it shakes out, we are excited to be starting our EIGHTH year of cruising on Kailani as a family!

If this is your first time visiting our website, welcome!!  ... We had been planning to set sail and rejoin the sailing cruising community ever since returning from our last circumnavigation in 2006.  After purchasing our new sail boat in Turkey in 2010, a Deerfoot 63 we christened Kailani, our first steps of turning our sailing plans into reality began.  With the help of numerous friends, family and crew, we sailed Kailani 10,000 miles home to Sausalito, CA over the course of one year.   Kailani arrived in our home port in June 2011, and after a year of working, refitting and making her our home, we set sail from San Francisco in May of 2012.  These pages are for our friends and family to follow us and keep track of our travels, and hopefully share in our lives as we live, love, laugh and journey together on the heavenly seas.

Harley and Jen (pre-Sophia!) sailing around Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, 2005

One of the reasons we came home after circumnavigating - to have our daughter Sophia!  She has been on our boats since 3 months of age, and here she is sailing off of our home port of Sausalito just weeks before our journey to the South Pacific in May 2012.